Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey, did you notice that I haven't written anything in a while?


There are reasons. For one thing, the other half of my brain (the one who controls the body) is working on a non-kink novel about a witch with all her magic bound up in tattoos who finds herself stuck in a supernatural Hunger Games style situation. That's taking a lot of our creative energy, and since he lets me take most of it, I figure it's only fair to give him a chance every once in a while.

For another reason, I'm just not feeling it lately. What is there to say that I haven't already said? I've written nearly 300 stories, fantasies for more than 100 people. And it's awesome. But I'm worried that if I keep writing, I'll just be repeating myself.

Which brings me to you. Yes, you. If you like the things on this site, then you can help make me write.

Tell me something I haven't written about. Whether it's your fantasy, a random challenge, or just an idea that strikes your fancy, make a request. You can do it anywhere; comment on the story. send me an e-mail or a fetlife mail.

And, as always, feel free to send me vast amounts of money and prizes. No one has done that so far, (there WAS a gift, which was awesome), but you could be the first!

In the meantime.... I'll be back when I'm back.