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Review the first:
A Blog is a Blog is a Blog....right?


I had the honor of meeting boot very early on in my journey into the amazing world of BDSM. 
Not only is boot a very, VERY talented writer....  He is my  dear and treasured friend
Back to the very beginning.   
 I was newly in this world.... discovering crazy things I had NO idea even existed. 
I was trying to learn everything I could. 
But this was the same time I was reading the blog...
I was learning about myself in this beautiful kinky world.
I was also...learning about him. 
I was able to see parts of him expressed through his writing...
While he was furrowing deeply into someone else's mind and fantasies, I was getting Glimpses, into his. 
Through this Gift of himself that he gives.... Freely...Selflessly.....I was able to see more clearly.
He shares his talent, his gift,  genuinely expecting nothing in return.
Reading his blog every night helped me to delve into the darkest recesses of my OWN mind.  
I was able to safely explore situations... in my mind
Most of the time, I am able to identify myself  in his stories as I read them. 
And then, there are those special is actually...Really.... Me.... in the story.  
His writing inspires me as I read. 
Whether it is encouraging me to take things up another diabolical notch or to take two steps back and look at it from a completely different angle. 
boot has the uncanny ability to probe inside your mind and create a fantasy for you.
He will have the hair stand up on the back of your neck..... and leave you panting and wanting ......more.....  
Such a delicious little Tease.... 
The Talented Dr. boot.....
He may even say ....

It is a privilege to write this Review 
It is an call him My friend 

Goddess Lori

From DreadNaught Photography: "It's like you crawl into people's minds and give them orgasms." (this review was then stolen to change the subtitle of the blog).

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