What is 'Erotica by Request'?

With most of the posts, I talk about writing for a specific person, or fulfilling a request. Someone makes a suggestion or a request, and I write them some erotica. Then I post it here for all to see. There's no payment involved; you get a story, I get the inspiration to write the story. That's it.

Most of the stories I write are short; the average length of a post is between 2000-3000 words (about 5 pages). If anything is going to be longer, it'll be in multiple parts. If you like what I wrote you, and you want another part, then you can ask for it. Just please, tell me what you liked the first time, so that I can be sure to keep the parts you like.


How it works
Q: How do I request a story?
A: There are four ways. Leave a comment on this page; leave a comment on any post marked 'meta,' e-mail me at bootlickersub@yahoo.com or tweet me at @Boots_EBR

Q: Who owns the story?
A: I do. I own it completely, and all associated copyright. I appreciate the inspiration, but the actual work is mine.

Q: Is it free?
A: Yes.

Q: Why is it free?
A: A few reasons. For one, it means I don't HAVE to write anything. If you have an idea I don't like, or if you aren't willing to work with me to explain that idea, I don't have to write it. This is essentially a favor I'm doing for you; the least you can do is be polite.

Q: Can I comment on a story?
A: For the love of all that's holy and kinky, yes. PLEASE comment. I love hearing from people.

Q: Do you take tips?
A: I do, in fact! Sort of. I have a Wish List on Amazon that you can use to show me how grateful you are, or you could buy a book, however you want to support a starving pervert (which would be me)

The varieties of fetish
Q: I have this really weird fetish. Can you still write me a story?
A: Yes I can. But I may need to ask you a few questions so I can understand the fetish, if I don't already.

Q: I'm embarassed by my fetish. Will you tell anyone?
A: Nope. I'm not a therapist or anything, but your fetishes are no one's business but yours and whatever partners you find. I may not agree with you, but I won't judge. And I don't include the identities of the requester in the story. If you have a name in my story, I made it up. (if it happens to be your real name, that's a coincidence). The closest I get is to add your nickname to my Running Tally, but if you want me to use a pseudonym for you, I will.

Q: Will you write whatever we ask for?
A: No. Since, as I said, there's no payment involved, if your idea doesn't inspire me, I reserve the right to not do anything with it.

The Stories: Q: Do you write sequels?
A: Of course I do. There are already sequels on the site. You can look them up. When I publish a new volume, I take off the sequels that are in publication. If you want to read those, you have to buy the book.

Q: Will you write a sequel to a story if I'm not the one who originally requested it?
A: Sure. If you like a story and want to see the next part, all you have to do is ask. (And tell me why you liked it)

Q: Can I ask for more than one story?
A: Absolutely. But one at a time, please.

Q: I asked for a story a week ago. Where the fuck is it?
A: If I told you I was going to write it, I will. It'll show up eventually, and I'll let you know when it does. There's no need for the language.

Me and the stories
Q: Is there anything you WON'T do?
A: Karaoke. 

Q: Okay, is there anything you won't WRITE about?
A: I won't write about nonconsensual sex, or anything that involves those who cannot consent (children, animals, etc; inanimate objects are fine). I don't want in any way to suggest that such things are okay. But if that's your fantasy, we can work out a compromise. I call it 'consensual non-consent'. If that isn't already trademarked, I should get on it.
Q: We can have your e-mail? Aren't you worried about spam?
A: Nope. It's not the e-mail I use for my normal life. It's bootlickersub @ yahoo.com. Feel free to send me ideas, comments, thoughts, or questions.

Q: Okay then. what do we call you?
A: My tag is Boot LS. My e-mail is bootlickersub. Call me boot. Or bootlicker. Or whatever suits your fancy; if you don't mean it to be insulting, I won't be insulted. Just don't call me Sir, Master, or any other term of dominance. I am NOT dominant. I'm submissive. Completely. Please do me the courtesy of respecting that.

Q: Are the people in your stories real?
A: No. They may occasionally resemble real people, or may be based very loosely on real people, but that is not my intent. Names are chosen usually at random (sometimes literally). No characters are meant to resemble any real people.

Q: Do you share all these fetishes?
A: No. My fetishes are pretty varied, but I will write anything that inspires me. This isn't about me, it's about you and your fantasies.

Q: Well, what ARE your fetishes?
A: That's getting a bit personal, isn't it? Well, I love boots and I love humiliation. Want to know more? Drop me a line.


  1. I request a story I would enjoy reading Goddess Lori

  2. awaiting Goddess Lori story

  3. Okay Anonymous.... you have to be more specific. Goddess Lori has requested stories before, and I've written them for her. She has inspired tales and characters within them.

    But I'm not sure what you're asking here.

  4. I have a very unshaped idea on this picture - http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/426427/untitled1-JPG.html. The event is challenging public sex. The chosen place is the top of the concrete wall behind a hills slopa and the sunshade of out-of-town cafe. A thick set of trees around the cafe cover the toung people from the incoming visitors eyes. So they start making their fun. All is going fine until their orgasm starts to build. Because of the Boy`s intense frictions and girl`s preorgasmic movements make them lose a ballance, slide down on the sunshade and fall on a table.

  5. Hellom My nickname is saxophone and Goddess Lori has asked me to request a story. Perhaps a story about a party of several mistresses at a party, each with their naked submissive. The slaves are all in various forms of bondage except for one free hand with which they are to masturbate as often as the mistress requests with the ultimate goal to compare each bowl's contents at the end of the evening. The winner is allowed to bring his mistress to orgasm in front of everyone. The losers are forced to eat their own cum. Each mistress "plays" their slave to make him as horny and productive as possible.

  6. I forgot to mention that each slave is given an identical bowl at the start of the evening

  7. @saxaphone: your request is on the list. Stay tuned.