The List

Here is the list as it stands. If you want to be added to the list, if you want to have a story written for you, make a request. It can be here, via e-mail, or any other method where you get in touch with me.

The List is in no particular order, and stories will not necessarily be written in the order listed. It's not a queue... it's just a list.

  1. Hucow (human cow) story (Jake Blake)
  2. Breast Expansion story (Jake Blake)
  3. Brought to a club and used (Mistress Isis)
  4. Daddy and his 2 little girls. Rope, choking, humiliation (Breezy Girll)
  5. Small Harem of tentacle girl submissives with chains, bondage, and sexual torture (Telford)
  6. Catgirl (woman) who has been hiding her ears and tail and suppressing her slutty nature has her libido unlocked after a coworker learns her secret
  7. Dominant with a hint of a sadistic streak but never goes beyond ssc. Average height fae woman. Mid to late 30s equivalent. Highly intelligent but not snobbish about it. She is unaware of her submissive nature at first. Meet by chance and find they are drawn to each other by destiny and by passion (Kali Foster)
  8. Six telepathically linked clones, some dominant, some submissive, all at a dungeon party in simultaneous scenes and experiencing them and sharing emotions and sensations at the same time. Two of them are in a scene together, one topping the other. The others are with other people. Scenes are writer's choice, sex scenes are okay. (Horseflesh)
  9. Primal Toppy Tiger Girl

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