Volume one available for purchase!

 If you like what you see here, why not help me keep doing it by purchasing a copy of an e-book? It includes 24 of the first stories posted here on the site, along with a bit of my own thoughts for each of them.

The table of contents for book one:
Elements of Slavery
My Slave
Party Favor (1)
Party Favor (2)
Sharon's New Project
Someday (1)
Hillary's Video
The girl who hated me
Someday (2)
Someday (3)
Becoming Hers
Torture of Colors (1)
Alphabet of Fetish
Torture of Colors (2)
Humiliate Yourself
The Barber's Chair
Introduction to Induction
Beg Me
Mistress Lily's Night Off
Allen's Bachelor Party
Becoming Katie
Halftime Show
Someday (5)
Ten Rules I don't know (unfinished)

You can get a digital copy for your kindle/nook/whatever:
OR you can get the physical copy, with a fantastic picture of Theresa Manchester by DreadNaught Photography:

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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