Friday, September 4, 2015

Book 4, and a teaser

Hello hello!

The fourth collection of Erotica By Request, Boot's Fairy Tales, is now available for purchase!

Please buy some copies for yourself, your friends, people you meet on the street, or just as starter fuel for a fire.

You can find the whole thing here: Book 4.

Like the cover?

It's another Dread Naught Photography creation.
But that's not all! This picture also represents a special story that appears ONLY in this volume. Just one more reason to buy it.

Now, I promised I was going to tease you....

Remember Moriarty? Well, her story, both the parts that are on the site and a LOT that isn't, is the next project to come out of our publication... group. In fact, all we're waiting for is another spectacular picture from Dread Naught Photography.

In the meantime, give me some requests! Stories are free, and I am happy to write them. I love getting tips, but they're not required. All I really need from you is inspiration and requests.

So please, send them to me at bootlickersub @ yahoo . com or just post them here, and I'll see what I can do for you!