Book 2 (Role Reversal) now avilable

As the blog continues to grow, and I continue to write, I will continue putting together volumes for purchase.

Book 2 focuses on Role Reversal. All the stories follow that theme.
Like the other volumes, there is a blurb before each story, the story of how it got written and what I was thinking when I wrote it.

For the printed version, not only do we have a photography by DreadNaught photography, we ALSO have a unique story, one that does not appear anywhere else other than inside this volume.
It's the story of the front cover picture. So let this tempt you:

Here's a list of what's inside:

(One More Scar: Print version only)
The Fairest of them All
The Officer and the Sailor
Kaylee's Slave
Vampira Dentata
A Torture of Colors (3)
Start of the Semester
Mistress Lily's Night Off
A Fetish Carol
An Incest Christmas
Livia's Visit to the Slave Pens
Using the Bathroom
The Poorest of the Wealthy

You can purchase it at

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