Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Give Boot a kick in the ass... please?

It seems like we've been very quiet here at EbR HQ. There hasn't been much coming out (other than Janice, and congrats to her!), and there isn't much talk of future stories. But there IS some good news.

Boot is going to have a story published in an anthology of 2013's best gay erotica. So that's great. More details on that as it develops.

We haven't been getting much from Boot lately. Seems like he's kind of depressed, feeling somewhat overwhelmed and under appreciated. We threw him a party, even found an entire sorority that needed their boots licked clean, but that didn't seem to help. He just doesn't seem to be all there right now.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

To be a dolly

Today's request brings us back into the realm of science fiction, the possibility of change that just might be right around the corner technologically. I wonder if people will take advantage of it when it does come around.

I also wonder if people would go as far as today's story does. Is this something you'd really want to do, given the choice? Do you want to be a doll? Our protagonist does. And he gets his wish...

To be a dolly

Monday, April 22, 2013

Word at EbR Headquarters

Here at HQ, there's been a lot of tension in the air. Rumors of layoffs have abounded, as have rumors of binding, horsewhipping, castration, gang bang initiations, and even mandatory overtime. Thankfully, the layoff rumor has been laid to rest. We all get to keep our jobs. That, like the Shibari relaxation seminar, was a load off.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ask Boot: How to handle a pouty sissy

Dear Boot: I am having trouble with my sissy maid Emily. She likes to dress as a woman, attend events, and unlike most sissy maids, she does not like being called a boy (even when in boy's dress for work). She is poor to useless at her maid duties, but she pouts and sulks a lot when told off. I've kept her boy-clit in a cage for 7 months, but nothing seems to be working. How do I humiliate her?

Well, there's a lot of question there. And, I think, there's a problem with how you refer to her. I'm not entirely sure that Emily is a sissy.

What do you mean?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I know I've been bad. Feel free to punish me

I know I haven't been posting much recently. The other me (the one who lives in the real world and has to pay bills and stuff) is under a lot of stress trying to find a job, and that's putting a real hamper on his creativity.

More stories ARE coming, I promise. More so if you start making more requests, asking questions, or making comments about the things you like.

And feel free to send me comments, questions, or requests from other people too.

I'll be back soon, I promise.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Confessions of a Bootlicker (4)

I don't know why writing this turned me on as much as it did. But wow. I haven't enjoyed writing a story this much in a LONG time.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Espionage in the year 3000

Today's request included a request for the non-consensual. I don't like doing that. But I can talk about things not being consensual as long as they never happen (within the reality of the story). And the fact that she wanted there to be a bad ending for the characters, well that made it easier. It's always a pleasure to kill rapists in a story.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's not worry about how people die. Let's worry about the terrible things they do before that happens. Let's talk about interrogating a spy who is something so much worse than she seems...

I'm not a spy

Friday, April 5, 2013

Time pressure

I don't think I often write these stories from the perspective of the dominant. Probably because I, myself, am not dominant. So it's a bit harder for me to wrap my mind around that perspective. But today's request included a very specific order. I asked if the story was for her or for him. She said "the story is for me. From my Mistress perspective, boots"

Which, oddly, gave me all the inspiration I needed to be able to write this. Everything just clicked. And while I asked in the hopes that I could add another name to the running tally... I have to say, the answer I got was totally worth it. Some women (or men... any dominant person, really) can send a rush of displeasure and power through very few words. It's actually pretty amazing.

It's the little things.

Which brings me to today's story.

The Pressure of Time

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Writer's Prerogative: Tenses

While I was writing today's story, I kept noticing that I was shifting tenses. I was going from past to present and back again. For the most part, I didn't fix it. I didn't fix it because it wasn't broken. It wasn't wrong.

When I write stories, I often switch tenses throughout the story. It's not a mistake, it's a choice. A lot of the time in my life, I drift off from where I am right now and remember things that just happened; I think about the things that led up to where I am. So in my head, I shift tenses. And I do so seamlessly. I like to think I do the same in the stories themselves.

Changing at the Mall

I've been doing some thinking about humiliation, and I've come to a realization: it's only humiliating if it's something that makes you feel good. That is, humiliation is only fun if you're doing something that you enjoy.

So, for example, if I were told to dress up like a woman, it wouldn't be humiliating. I don't enjoy it, and I look ridiculous dressed as a woman. I have a very masculine body, and a hairy one at that. I have no intention to shave (and I'm not allowed to. Wife will cut me.), and so I will never look even remotely passable. So cross dressing doesn't appeal to me, and I don't find it particularly humiliating, at least not in a fun way. It's just ridiculous. Now, licking boots is humiliating, and I love doing it. But as much as I love it because it's humiliating, it's also humiliating because I love it.

For today's story, we have someone who DOES like dressing like a woman. Who IS proud of himself as a woman, and who DOES understand that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a woman. Being transgendered is not something that should be shunned or considered to be a bad thing. But if you cross dress in public, piece by piece, that is going to be humiliating. But in a good way. A fun way.
Changing at the Mall

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Smaller, Cheaper, just as awesome: book 2

Hey all!

I'm trying out a new publisher. You can get book two (Role Reversal) here:

It's smaller, more pocket sized. The model on the cover (Pouty Petals) suggested that change, and I decided to go with it.

More stories are coming soon. Sorry about the time off. My creative batteries have been on the fritz. They're starting to recharge. (Please feel free to make requests and help them out)