Friday, October 3, 2014

Nancy and the bull

Today's request is a bit more graphic than I usually like to get. I prefer the tease, where the sex is off camera. But this... how the hell could I do this off camera?

Nancy and the Bull

Jonathan pulled on the rope around his forearms, trying to find some give in the shoulders. He wasn’t trying to escape. But his Mistress gave his head a little kick anyway.

“Hold still, fag,” she said, shifting her feet. She crossed her ankles on his shoulder, the weight of her feet pressing against the nerve above his collar. There wasn’t enough pressure to really hurt, but there was enough that he couldn’t have ignored her if he wanted to.

“Sorry mistress,” he said.

“Don’t talk. You’ll miss the show.” She rubbed one foot against his cheek, pointing his face towards the bed. “And I want you to remember this.”

Jonathan looked at the bed, knowing there was no way he could possibly forget it, not even if he wanted to.

Nancy was lounging on the bed. Nancy, who he’d had a crush on for months. Nancy, who he’d finally worked up the courage to ask out, then nearly passed out when she said yes. Nancy, who was perfect and beautiful and amazing. Nancy, who was naked, horny, and ready to have sex.

But not with Jonathan.

“You can begin,” his mistress said, but she wasn’t talking to him.

Jonathan didn’t know the man’s name. He didn’t suppose it mattered. When the man stepped up to the bed, Jonathan fought down the instinct to jump forward. Nancy was naked, and so was the man. 

There shouldn’t be another man naked in bed with his girlfriend.

The man stopped and turned towards Jonathan and his mistress. He stood so his cock was inches from Jonathan’s mouth. He was only half hard, but it looked more like a forearm than a cock. It was huge, wide all around and longer than Jonathan could ever hope to be.

“I’ll bet Nancy will love this,” his mistress said. “After all that time with a man like you, she deserves a full sized one. Don’t you think?”

Jonathan didn’t say anything. He couldn’t take his eyes off the monstrous cock in front of him, a cock that was slowly stiffening and somehow managing to get even bigger as it did.

The man laughed and reached out to tousle Jonathan’s hair. “Don’t worry, fag boy,” he said. “You’ll get your chance.”

Then he turned around and stepped up onto the bed.

His mistress patted him on the head. “You know there’s no coming back from this, right? You’ll never be able to pleasure her again. He’s going to rip her so far open that your tiny little dick will be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway. She probably won’t even be able to feel you inside her anymore. I mean, look at the size of him. Nancy, what do you think?”

“I think it’s huge,” she said, her legs spread wide and a smile on her face. “I think he’s going to rip me in half.”

“And that turns you on, doesn’t it?”

“Oh my god, yes.”

His mistress laughed. “That’s because you’re a cock hungry whore. Isn’t it?”

“Yes mistress!” Nancy said, already wriggling on the bed, her eyes locked on the huge cock in front of her.

“Say it.”

“I’m a cock hungry whore!” she shouted, her arms twitching like she wanted to reach out and pull the man inside her.

Then she looked over at Jonathan with a tiny hint of worry. “Are you sure?” she asked.

He nodded, his erection giving him the willpower not to back out.

“Then I am too,” she said.

And like that, it started.

Nancy yelped and giggled as soon as the tip of the man’s cock pressed against her pussy. “Wow,” she said. “It’s just…” he pushed it a little bit deeper. Nancy gasped. “So…” she gave a long groan, her whole body shivering as the bull pushed himself further inside her. “So big!”

The bull turned and locked eyes with Jonathan, a smile on his face as he pushed himself further, as Nancy wriggled in pleasure, screamed in pain, and moaned as both sensations twirled around her, sending her mind off to wonderful places.

“Did she ever make that face with you?” his mistress asked. He didn’t have to answer. “That’s what a woman looks like when she’s actually being satisfied.”

The bull pounded against Nancy, ramming himself deeper and deeper inside her. Her back arched, she reached up and put her hands on the man’s shoulders. She bit her lip, then threw her head back when he pushed in all the way. She collapsed back on the bed.

He pulled back what seemed like forever, pulling his cock all the way out of Jonathan’s girlfriend, then rammed it back in with brutal force.

Nancy’s body jerked and twitched like she was possessed, her arms flying out to the side, her back arching farther than Jonathan thought possible, her head falling back. Her mouth was open wide, and a scream of pleasure was ripped out of her.

She shivered enough that her hair undulated on her head. She wrapped her ankles around the man who was fucking her so hard that she couldn’t speak, and her eyes seemed to roll back into her head.

“Oh, I think you’re about to see something new,” his mistress said. “This is called an orgasm. It’s what women have when a man actually satisfies them.”

Jonathan blushed, pulled on the rope, and prepared to argue. But his mistress pointed her toes, pushing down with her ankle and pressing the top of her foot against his neck to stop him.
“I know you think you’ve gotten women to orgasm before,” she said, her voice dripping condescension the way his back was dripping sweat. The way Nancy was dripping all over the man’s cock.

“But look at that,” his mistress said as Nancy screamed again, her whole body shivering like it was being electrocuted, her fists clenching the sheets of the bed like she was afraid she was going to be pulled off it. Her shoulders pressed against the bed, her back arched as she turned her whole upper body into a tunnel for his – for the bull’s – cock. The sheen of sweat on her body was so sexy. Her ass was so perfectly shaped. Jonathan stopped blushing; not enough blood.

“That’s real. That’s not faked. Your girlfriend there, delicate little flower that you thought she was, is getting the fun of a real man. She’s getting to feel a real orgasm now.”

His mistress raised her voice and addressed Nancy. “Aren’t you, you horny little slut?”

Nancy responded with a wordless cry of pleasure as the bull pounded at her again.

His mistress laughed.

Jonathan felt the pain of being on his knees for too long and tried to concentrate on that rather than on the display in front of him. His mistress was right; he’d never seen Nancy act like that before. He’d never seen her gasping for breath the way she was, never seen that smile that refused to fade. He’d never seen her cum like that, never heard her scream in pleasure like that. Jonathan had never seen Nancy that turned on. He’d never seen her have a second orgasm.

Or a third.

And he definitely wouldn’t have the stamina to give her a fourth.

The bull finally pulled out of her, and Nancy curled up into a fetal position of pleasure. The man was still hard. How was he still hard?

He stepped up to Jonathan and smacked the huge cock against Jonathan’s cheek. His mistress laughed.

“I’m covered in the bitch’s cum,” the bull said. “Lick me clean.”

He reached out and put a hand on the back of Jonathan’s head, pulling him forward with inexorable force.

“And when you’re done with me, you can go lick my cum out of her.”

His mistress pushed her foot against his back, helping Jonathan lean forward.

“You heard the man,” she said. “Try not to dislocate your jaw.”

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