Friday, July 17, 2015

Gearing up

I made a new friend the other day. At least, I hope we'll be friends. I met her at a bondage store, and it seemed to me like we all hit it off.

Yesterday, I asked if I could write her a story. It's been a long time since I've written based purely on a fetlife profile. I hope this is good. I hope she enjoys it.

And I hope you all enjoy it. Give me a holler, or drop a comment. Tell me there are people still interested, people who want me to start writing again.

Gearing up

 When I came in, she was already dressed. The latex so perfectly fit to her that it might have been painted on, the leather corset tight and only accentuating the lines of her body. I took in the smirk on her face, the twinkle in her eyes, and I knew I was in trouble.

I watched the light glinting off the grommets where her gloves laced down her arms, then trailed my gaze to her knees. Somehow, I skipped over her waist and my eyes went straight to her knees. Her knees and the leather boots wrapped so tightly around her legs that they dragged my eyes down to the floor, along the lacing and down to the curved toe tapping impatiently on the floor.

Then I look up, and I see why she was being impatient. There, just below her waist, is a harness and a strap on, dangling there and teasing me. She reaches one gloved hand against the table next to her.

“I wanted you to see everything before we get started,” she says. She lifts up the white cloth, letting it dangle so I can see the straps. Then she shows me the hood, and the harness strap. “Now strip.”

I'm smart enough not to say anything, just stripping quickly down to nothing. She curls a finger towards me, and I take a few steps towards her. There's something about being naked while she is so completely dressed. And she is. Barely any skin is showing anywhere on her body. It's all black latex and leather, red stripes down the corset, laces up the arms and down the boots, and a dark, terrifyingly purple dildo hanging between her legs.

There's so much power in clothing. The less I'm wearing, the more she's wearing, and everything changes. Never mind that I could probably overpower her physically. Never mind that I'm twice her size. Standing there before her, completely naked, I feel fragile as glass. I feel like she could crush me with barely a thought. And by the tiny raise in her eyebrow, I can tell she's feeling the same way.

“Look over here,” she says, gesturing to the table and managing to somehow look down on me even though I'm taller than she is. “And I'll explain what's going to happen.

“First, I'm going to put you in this straight jacket. It'll have you basically hugging yourself, but once I buckle in the straps, you won't be able to move all that much.” She smiles, the innocence of it completely negated by the tone of her voice. “There's a strap that goes between the legs too, but I'm not going to bother with that one. So you could in theory pull it over your head to get out.” She puts a hand on my cheek, gently rubbing the latex against my skin.

“But you wouldn't do that, would you?” she caresses my cheek. “Because that kind of thing would be very” she grabs my chin, and her grip feels like iron, “upsetting.” The look in her eyes is terrifying, and a shiver goes down my spine. It's all I can do to shake my head and assure her that I wouldn't resist her. I don't want to.

She lets go of my chin and gives me a light tap across the cheek. “Good boy,” she says. “Now, let's continue.

“Once your torso is nice and bound, I'll put on the hood. We'll get it all nice and tight, like a leather skin over your face. I might put the gag in right away, but the blindfold is going to have to wait. I think it'll be fun for you to see what else we're going to be playing with.

“I'll put the harness on you after that, I think. You see all these rings? Those are contact points, so I can suspend you.” She gives a bit of a chuckle and points to a small pot of ben gay. “Have you picked up what's going to happen yet? Put the clues together.

“Blindfold. Hood. Gag. Harness. Bound torso, and a very strong, overpowering smell that I can rub just below your nose. You won't be able to feel the ground beneath you. You won't see a thing, hear a thing, or smell anything. And all you'll taste is leather. Delicious, delicious leather. Hold out your arms.”

I raise my arms, just shaking a little bit, and slide them into the white cloth sleeves of the straight jacket. Sure enough, soon I'm hugging myself, squeezing tighter as she pulls the straps through the buckles.

“Not too tight, is it?” she asks, though I can tell she doesn't care what the answer will be. She laughs and locks in the buckles. “There we go.” She takes a step back, letting me get another look up and down that gorgeous, dangerous body. She wiggles her hips a bit, and the dildo waves back and forth, drawing my eye with the movement.

“There's something you have to remember,” she says. “Your safeword is your left leg. Kick it as wildly as you can if you need me to stop.” She steps within a few inches of me, so close that I can feel the latex of her pants up against the erection I can't even begin to be ashamed of. The touch feels almost accidental, but not so much that I can be sure she didn't mean it. “Nod if you understand.”

I nod vigorously. She smirks again and steps back, tenting her fingers and giving me an evil look.
“That a boy,” she says. “Next comes the mask. And I start taking away your senses. So listen carefully, because it's the last thing you're going to hear for a while. I want you to know exactly what's going to happen.

“I'm going to put the harness on you, and I'm going to suspend you from the ground. You won't know how high up you are, and it won't matter. You won't be able to smell anything but menthol, you won't taste anything but leather, and you won't see anything but darkness. And you won't hear anything at all. So all your focus is going to be on the things you feel, on the things I do to you. And I'm going to do such things.” Another laugh.

“I'm going to fuck you. That should be pretty clear. I'm going to fuck your ass like the worthless slut you are. And I'm going to tease and torture that little thing you call a cock. I've got a paddle that taps gently on one side and sends volts of electricity through you on the other. And you won't know which is which until I do it.

“I'm going to crush your balls in my hand, and you're going to scream into your gag. But don't worry, that won't bother me. I may even put a constant charge through your cock for a little while. Do you ever wonder what time will feel like when you don't have any basis of comparison? You can try counting your breaths if you like.

“Will it be just a few seconds of agonizing torture that feels like it's going on for hours, or will it really last that long? Will I fuck you for an hour or just for a few minutes?

“You can cum if you want to. I'm not going to stop you. Then again, I'm not going to stop anything else, either. I know how intense your nerves get after you have an orgasm. Can you imagine how much worse it'll be when touch is the only sense you have to focus on?”

She laughs again. “Oh, this is going to be fun. Now bend down so I can put this mask on you.”

I lean forward, and she slides the leather over my head. It gets a little stuck on my nose, and for a few seconds I'm looking out the mouth hole, but then she adjusts the hood and it goes all the way down. I can see out the eye holes. At least for now.

“Open wide,” she says, pushing the gag into the mouth hole without waiting to see if I comply with her instructions. How could I not? Why would I not?

The laces pull tight behind my head. I can hear the zip as they drag along the grommets, the leather fastening tighter and tighter around my head, squeezing me like a second skin. I can still breathe through the nose, but that breath is the only thing I can hear. That and the beating of my own heart.

Then I feel a smear against the top of my mouth, and all I can smell is strong and minty.

She pushes on my shoulder, and I obediently fall to my knees as she starts fastening a collar around my neck. It's a big collar, locking my head into place. She bends down and into my view and gives me a wave.

I can see her lips moving, but I can't hear anything. I can't hear her laugh, and thanks to the posture collar, I can't follow her movement as she steps around me. I can feel the straps tightening around my torso, and can feel her foot on my back pushing me forward until my forehead is on the floor, and all I can see is the floor itself.

Then there's a pull, and I can see more of the floor. I feel something strap around my ankles, one at a time, and then I get a lovely view of her boots as she steps around me.

She bends down and looks me in the eyes one last time, blowing me a kiss and giving me a wink, then disappearing for view just a few seconds before everything else disappears from view and she pulls the blindfold around my hood.

Then I feel a tap on my thigh, and something cold on my ass. Something very cold.


She puts a hand on my lower back, and I swear I can hear – no, feel – her laughing.

 Time to start.

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