Saturday, January 21, 2017

Because they still come sometimes

Hi everyone! I'm not dead, but it's been a while. It's been a while since I've gotten a request that actually inspired me. Please send more if you want to see more.

But in the meantime, here's a nice joker story for you. And for her.

Being His

 He looked down at me with that extra smile, the one that made his manic eyes shine and that made me feel like all the crazy in the world was behind his eyes, but that it was between me and anyone who dared try to get to me. They'd have to get to him first, and he had his knives ready for them to try.

He gently stroked my hair, bringing his hand around to cup my chin in his purple leather glove, turning my head up to look at him and the smile that stretched near ear to ear whether he was smiling or not. He licks his lips and gives me a look that shivers my spine, his hair falling in front of his eyes. His hand goes back to rubbing my hair, then his fingers tighten and pull my head back, shocking a sharp breath from me.

His tongue darts over his lips again. “Ooh, does that hurt?” he asks, the mock concern in his voice hiding the real question underneath. If I told him it did, he'd loosen his grip. We both know that. But I don't want him to.

“No Mista J,” I tell him through clenched teeth.

“That's good,” he says, his voice raising into a laugh as he pulls my head back again. “Because if that hurt, then what comes next, well, that would be really unpleasant. For you.”

His free hand reaches down and unzips his pants. I reach up to help, hearing his mad giggle drift through my mind as I reach in and pull out his cock. He goes back to petting my hair, smiling down at me with a need in his eyes that others don't get to see, a need that only I get to fulfill.

I look up at him, my own eyes mirroring the need in his, and I slide my tongue from the base of his cock up to the tip, cupping his balls in my hand and wrapping my other hand around the base of his shaft and looking up at him for approval.

“That's my girl,” he says, drawing out the words and making them like filthy steam as he breathes them out at me.

I keep my eyes on his as I wrap my lips around the head of his cock, sliding my tongue around beneath my lips, moving my hand up his shaft until they rest on the outside of his lips, and I slowly slide my mouth downwards, swallowing his shaft bit by bit, then pull back up, my fingers adding friction and my tongue adding a wet warmth. He shivers, and I know he feels every instance of it. I know his nerves are on fire.

He lets out a soft moan as I slide my hand around his shaft and plunge my lips back down the length of it, licking his cock along the way as I let him push deep into my mouth. I set up a slow and steady rhythm; he knows he can speed up if he wants to. He knows to speed up when he wants to. In the meantime, I can feel the leather of his glove gently slide along my face or through my hair, and my lips start to tingle at the taste of his cock.

He groans out my name as I pull my lips off his cock and just rub my hands up and down the shaft a few times, looking up at him with a smirk that would make the devil blush. He smiles down at me and puts his hands back on my head, and I hear the leather creak as he makes a fist in my hair. It only pulls at the very end, and he holds me delicately, a mixture of taking complete control and not doing anything with out my say so. Or at least without my consent.

I find myself nodding and opening my mouth again, sliding my lips over his cock again, looking up to see him lean back, his hair falling away from his giant smile, the light hitting the white caked makeup and reflecting off the red of his lips, his skin showing through where the sweat has peeled away the makeup.

I relax my neck as best I can as I slide back down his shaft, leaving my head in his hands, my hair in his fists, and letting him push himself deep into my throat, then pull back out, my hand wrapping around his shaft as long as he gives me the room to spare before he begins pounding his way into my throat, fucking my face harder with each thrust, pulling my hair and thrusting with his powerful hips. He uses my head like I'm his toy, and for a few brief seconds, that's all I am. I'm his, through and through, and I know what he will do to anyone who forgets it. It makes me smile as I fight down my gag reflex, letting him thrust into me again and again without fear or concern.

He loses the gloves somewhere on the way, and I feel his skin on my scalp, on my face, as he slows down and lets me take over again. I keep bobbing my head up and down his shaft, my hand clutching just below my lips so that he gets the sucking and the rubbing at the same time.

“You're going to make me cum, you keep doing that,” he says to me, his voice almost a growl. I look up to see him licking the scars on his face, and he winks down at me. “But then, that's the whole idea, isn't it?” his hands start to squeeze, and I feel his nails drag along my scalp as his fingers wrap in my hair. “Mmm good girl,” he says, letting out a sharp exhale and jerking his neck to one side, making it crack and making his whole body shiver.

I moan, feeling my lips, my tingling lips, vibrate on his cock from the sound, as an echoing moan is drawn from his deepest core. A moan that flows from deep inside him and up through his legs, making those knees shake, making his hips thrust a bit faster, making his hands clench in my hair. I can taste his cum in my mouth as he holds me there, and I swallow because I know he wants me to. He lets me go and staggers back a few steps, breathing heavily and giggling quietly to himself.

“That,” he says between laughs, “was amazing. It's like a super power.” Then he steps forward and gently pushes me backwards, until I'm laying on my back. He pushes my legs aside, spreading them out and slipping the panties off with the deft movement of his hands.

“My turn now,” he says, looming over me with that big smile of his, looking down on me, owning me. Then he turns his head to the side and gives me a questioning look. “Did I ever tell you,” he asks, as he slides down my body, placing gentle kisses down my chest and over my stomach.

“how I got these scars?”


  1. i have only sampled a couple of Your stories and i love what i read: imaginative, articulate, well paced and captivating prose, my learned colleague. Thank You for sharing and please feel free, or bound -me, that is- to add me to chat me up on Hangouts if You please.

  2. Always a great, scintillating story. Can't wait to read more!

  3. Fantastic read. I always enjoy your work.keep writing amazing stories.